Grampa's Gourmet White Honey

Grampa's Honey

$ 12.50

White Honey (sometimes called whipped, spun, or creamed honey) is naturally granulated under controlled circumstances to give it a nice smooth consistency. This white honey will stay soft in the jar forever, spread easily, and won’t ever run off of your toast! It is smooth and creamy with a milky mouth feel and a nutty, nougat-like flavor.

Pairing Suggestions:  Serve on crisp toast, walnut bread, or banana bread to bring out nuttiness. Also try on scones or other baked goods. Great for spreading! 

Packaging: 11.5 ounces in a glass jar

Company:  Grampa's Gourmet Honey - A sixth generation beekeeper and rare raw honey producer living in Colorado and tending his 600 colonies of bees. Made in Alamosa, Colorado.