Teak Small Bowl Set

Be Home

$ 30.00
Teak Mini Bowl Set

Use these small bowls to serve finger food at a meal or toppings during a buffet. Hold spices or ingredients while preparing dinner. Or help yourself stay organized and use these bowls as a place to throw the loose change or store office supplies like paper clips.  Four bowls are included in your set. 

Materials:  Teak is a lightweight but extremely durable wood. The teak used to create your bowls is sourced from the excess material that the logging industry leaves behind. No new trees are cut to create your product. 

Care:  Please hand wash. Oil as needed. 

Dimensions:  2.75" in diameter

Maker:  Be Home is a socially responsible company, dedicated to the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity. They work with family-run businesses that treat their workers fairly. Made in Thailand.