Sriracha Chili Sauce

JoJo's Sriracha

$ 14.00

This small batch, handcrafted Sriracha is unique because no two chili peppers are ever the same. Each blend is hand-selected for the best combination of flavor and heat,once you have JoJo's you'll never go back to the rooster. 

Comes in two amazing varieties:

Original: The one that started it all, the classic fire engine red Sriracha.  Deep chile and garlic flavors with medium heat. 

Green Chile:  Very special batch made with Poblano, Anaheim, Jalapeno & Pueblo green chile peppers.  Has a bright citrus flavor that finishes with a substantial chile note and medium heat. 

Ingredients:  Chile peppers, organic distilled vinegar, organic garlic, sea salt, and organic palm sugar

Details:  Packaged in a 6.4 fl oz. glass jar

Maker:  Jolene Collins loves hard, especially when it comes to chili peppers. That's why she started producing small batches of Sriracha using only the best ingredients, free of preservatives and processed sugar. Made in Denver, Colorado, Jojo's is about doing something you love and doing it well because it just tastes better taht way.

JoJo's Sriracha: Bringing More Hot Pepper Flavor To The Party from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.