The Real Dill - Spicy Caribbean Pickle

The Real Dill

$ 15.00
Spicy Caribbean Pickles - The Real Dill

Island & jerk spices deliver an assertive & peppery punch - Utilizing traditional jerk spices, these pickles have beautiful, bold flavors with strong notes of cinnamon, allspice, and fresh thyme. They finish, of course, with a peppery punch that is spicy, although not painfully so. 

Serving Suggestions:  Fantastic with any and all Caribbean food and the brine makes a fantastic braising liquid.

Ingredients: Fresh cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, pure cane sugar, fresh onion, fresh habanero or scotch bonnet, fresh garlic, cinnamon, spices, and fresh thyme.

Details:  Served in a glass jar - 32 oz. 

Maker:  The Real Dill - Two friends who still follow the same recipes they created in their home kitchen, using all natural ingredients and home canning techniques. Made in Denver, Colorado.