Sparq Soapstone Appetizer Plate


$ 38.00

The SPARQ Oven-to-Table Entertainment Plate is hand-crafted in USA and made from recycled soapstone. Its sophisticated design takes full advantage the Platter’s soapstone properties. The appetizer plate can be easily heated or chilled to maintain food at the perfect temperatures. Simply place the appetizer plate in the freezer to keep hors d’ourvres chilled or stick it in the oven to keep food warm. Each plate is unique in itself with color and veining patterns. The SPARQ Oven-to-Table Entertainment Plate is a unique and beautiful addition to any cocktail party or family gathering. Sold with a rustic wooden carrier for easy transport from oven or kitchen to table.

There are many ways to use our Soapstone Appetizer Plate:
Use as a cheese plate to keep your cheese cool
Use as a sushi plate to keep your shushi cool
Use as a bread warmer plate to keep your bread warm
Use as a cheese plate to keep your Brie warm
Use as a serving dish to keep your chocolate cool Use as a cookie platter to keep your cookies warm

Measurements:  soapstone plate is 15" x 7.75", carrying tray is 18.5" x 9" 

Care:  Hand wash, oil wood as needed

Materials:  Handmade with 100% soapstone

Maker:  Sparq was founded on a mission to preserve nature’s soapstone quarries across the globe, this company resourcefully creates kitchenware that utilizes every bit of the stone. Designed and assembled in Denver, Colorado.