Peanut Butter Bots Chocolates


$ 8.50
Peanut Butter Bots - Droga

Few things go better together than peanut butter and chocolate. Inspired by a fusion of your nostalgic favorites, this new classic candy blends all-natural creamy peanut butter with crisped rice crunch. To finish, each piece is doused with premium dark chocolate and sprinkled with dark chocolate decoratifs for an irresistible treat. Each box contains 4 chocolates. 

Ingredients:  These treats are made with all natural smooth peanut butter, crisped rice crunch cereal bits, and premium Guittard dark chocolate. They contain no corn syrup. 

Maker:  Droga Chocolates creates it's handmade treats in small batches based on three principles: the best taste, the highest quality, and the most fun.