Opinel Intempora Fillet Knife No. 221


$ 70.00
Opinel Intempora Fillet Knife No. 221

This thin (2 mm), accurate and highly flexible blade this knife is ideal for incising, removing fillets, removing skin and fish scales as well as fat. This knife can also slice cooked meat and delicate fish very thinly as well as foie gras and country pâtés.

Dimensions: Total length: 12. 5/8", Blade: 7", Blade height at widest: 5/8", Blade thickness: 2 mm

Care:  Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is always recommended. The blade will not rust, however try to avoid leaving your knife in damp environments for extended period of time and dry the blade after each use. 

Maker:  Opinel - Since 1890, generations of Opinel cutlers have forged metal in traditional style to bring you authentic quality knives. Made in France.