Nova Ecuador Blend Chocolate Bar - 80% Cacao

Nova Craft Chocolate

$ 6.99

Colorado’s Nova Chocolate 80% Ecuador bar is made with Nacional variety cacao, grown in the NW coastal region of Ecuador.  After hand harvesting, these exceptional cacao beans are fermented and roasted at their origin, then stone ground with organic cane sugar.  Simple, sustainable, and delicious.

Size: 1.75 Oz

Ingredients:  Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar (Vegan)

Allergen Info: No Dairy, Gluten, Nuts or Soy. Processed in a facility that process nuts.

Maker:  Colorado’s Nova Chocolate begins with exceptional cacao beans, harvested and roasted at their origin using traditional techniques. Working directly with farmers, we help promote sustainable communities while creating chocolate of unsurpassed quality and purity. Every creation is a delicacy, reflecting the flavor of its origin and the integrity of its ingredients. Simple, sustainable, and delicious. 

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