Grampa's Gourmet Meadow Foam Honey

Grampa's Honey

$ 12.50

Meadow-foam is a plant native to the Pacific Northwest. The name derives from the resemblance of the bloom to the white foam on the ocean. This honey, with the meadow-foam flowers as it's source, has the deep aroma of vanilla and the slight taste of toasted marshmallows or caramelized custard. It’s soft and very sweet, unlike any honey you've had before. 

Pairing Suggestions:  Chocolate Ice Cream, Warm Scones and Croissants, Cinnamon Sugar Toast, and Tea

Packaging: 11.5 ounces in a glass jar

Company:  Grampa's Gourmet Honey - A sixth generation beekeeper and rare raw honey producer living in Colorado and tending his 600 colonies of bees. Made in Alamosa, Colorado.