Guide to Urban Moonshining

Hazel & Dewey

$ 24.95

The King's County Distillery Guide on How to Make and Drink Whiskey

The moonshiner of the American imagination, hidden in the rural South, may be an endangered species, but a new generation of whiskey lovers is discovering the art of making moonshine. This book is a guide - from the whiskey made by the earliest colonists to the sprawling distilleries of Kentucky to the adventurous craft distillers working today. 

It answers questions including what, precisely makes whiskey whiskey? And it is also a manuel for how to make handmade whiskey, otherwise known as moonshine, safely and deliciously (if not quite legally). Offering clear instruction and advice, along with recipes for whiskey drinks and dishes and recommendations for outfitting the perfect home bar. 

Chapters:  1) What is Whiskey?  2) A History of Whiskey  3) A Survey of Whiskeys  4) How to Make Whiskey  5) How to Drink Whiskey

Author:  Kings County Distillery is NYC's oldest operating whiskey distillery, the first since the Prohibition era, with a focus on traditional technique by offering award winning whiskey. 

Details:  9.25" x 6.25" / Hardcover / 223 pages / Abrams / Hachette