Compost Pail

RSVP / Endurance

$ 45.00
Stainless Steel Compost Pail - RSVP / Endurance

Organic recycling is made easy with this stainless steel compost pail. With it's polished exterior, this pail is attractive enough to sit on your counter. With it's sturdy handle, you can easily carry the contents to your exterior compost bin. In a generous one gallon capacity, this pail can hold several days worth of trimmings and scraps. Comes with a set of charcoal filters already in place as well as a replacement set. 

Dimensions:  11" tall, x 7.2" wide 

Care:  Dishwasher safe. Replace your filters approximately every 6 months

Maker:   RSVP/Endurance is a brand known for its practical, every-day, well made kitchenware. Based out of Seattle, WA.