Cocktail Crate Sriracha Margarita

Cocktail Crate

$ 13.00

Let's get this party started! Savor Cocktails Crate's classic Sriracha Margarita – just the right amount of sweet, sour, and spicy. A craft margarita has never been so easy, just combine 1 part mixer with 1 part tequila, shake with ice, and enjoy. Made with JoJo's Sriracha.

Tasting notes: Bright, fresh citrus, subtle agave, pronounced pepper spice.

Serving Suggestions:  Margarita (of course), Mezcal-ita (use Mezcal instead of tequila), Sriracha Spritzer (1 oz mixer, 12 oz Seltzer water). 

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Lime Juice (NOT from Concentrate), Agave Nectar, JoJo's Sriracha [Chili Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Sea Salt, Palm Sugar] ).

Maker:  Cocktail Crate