Grampa's Gourmet Chamiso Honey

Grampa's Honey

$ 12.50

Chamiso, aka Rabbit Brush, is an evergreen brush prevalent throughout the Southwest. Native Americans often used the flowers of the Chamiso to make tea for curing various illnesses, including dizziness and lack of focus. This honey is amber in color with aromas of orange peel and floral qualities. It has a dense, nutty, hazelnut taste. 

Pairing Suggestions:  Nuts, blue cheese, fresh fruit dishes. Or try in sauces!

Packaging: 11.5 ounces in a glass jar

Company:  Grampa's Gourmet Honey - A sixth generation beekeeper and rare raw honey producer living in Colorado and tending his 600 colonies of bees. Made in Alamosa, Colorado.

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