Campfire Sea Salt

Beautiful Briny Sea

$ 8.00
Campfire Smoked Sea Salt - Beautiful Briny Sea

Made from all natural ingredients, this pure sea salt is combined with a smoked sea salt and other spices to give it the flavor of a campfire! Use it to add a surprisingly authentic smokiness to any dish and transform the simplest meals into culinary masterpieces.

Ingredients:  Pure Ocean Salt, Smoked Sea Salt, Sumac, Cumin, Chili Flakes

Serving Suggestions:  Brook trout, skillet potatoes, grilled corn, leafy greens, braised meats, roasted cauliflower, and pasta

Size:  6 oz. canister

Maker:  Beautiful Briny Sea operates out of Atlanta’s old Fourth Ward neighborhood and crafts exquisite seasoning blends using hand-harvested ocean salt and locally grown herbs. Made in Georgia.