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A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All with Cocktails, Recipes, & Formulas

A cocktail renaissance has swept across the country, inspiring in bartenders and their thirsty patrons a new fascination with the ingredients, techniques, and traditions that make the American cocktail so special. And few ingredients have as rich a history or serve as fundamental a role in our beverage heritage as bitters. Author and bitters enthusiast Brad Thomas Parsons traces the history of the world’s most storied elixir, from its earliest “snake oil” days to its near evaporation after Prohibition to its ascension as a beloved (and at times obsessed-over) ingredient on the contemporary bar scene. 

Also featured are more than seventy cocktail recipes that showcase bitters’ diversity and versatility: classics, old-guard favorites, and contemporary drinks. Last but not least, there is a full chapter on cooking with bitters, with a dozen recipes for sweet and savory bitters-infused dishes.

Favorite Recipes:  Meyer Lemon Bitters, Rhubarb Bitters, Cherry Hazelnut Bitters, Champagne Cocktail Sazerac, Pisco Sour, Mint Julep, Sorghum Flip, Dark and Stormy

Chapters:  1) A Brief History of Bitters  2) A Bitters Boom  3) Making Your Own Bitters  4) Setting Up Your Bar  5) Bitters Hall of Fame  6) Old Guard Cocktails  7) New Look Cocktails  8) Bitters in the Kitchen

Author:  Brad Thoms Parsons is a writer, blogger, and food and cocktail enthusiast. A former senior editor at, he has been a contributor to Serious Eats, Omnivoracious, Al Dente, and Seattle Met

Details:  9.25" x 6.75" / Hardcover / 231 pages / 10 Speed Press / Random House