Beeswax Glass 'Harmony' Pure Lavender Candle

Big Dipper

$ 25.00
Beeswax Glass 'Harmony' Pure Lavender Candle

Pure Lavender is a calming floral scent created from 100% essential oils. This towering glass burns for well over 120 hours. The longest burn for your buck!

Size:  2.5" diameter, 8" high

Use:  For best results burn at least two hours per lighting, keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch, allow time to cool before handling. 

Burn-Time:  Your candle should burn for approximately 120 hours.

Packaging:  Your candle comes in a reusable glass holder - when the candle is done, simply order a replacement refill. 

Maker:  Big Dipper promotes sustainable resources, positive environmental practices, and greener living. Made in Seattle, Washington.