Bee's Wrap Plastic Alternative

Bee's Wrap

$ 6.00

The new, natural alternative to plastic wrap and plastic bags. Perfect for sealing cheese or lemons, covering a bowl, or wrapping a loaf of bread. Use the warmth of your hands to create the seal. Easy to clean and reuse.

Materials: Cloth infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin

Care: Handwash in cool water 

Maker:  Bee's Wrap is a company focused on functional and sustainable food storage. Made in Vermont.

Small Pack contains 3 wraps measuring 7" x 8"
Medium Pack contains 3 wraps measuring 10" x 11"
Large Pack contains 3 wraps measuring 13" x 14" 
Assorted Pack contains 1 of three sizes - Sm, Med., & Lg.
Bread Wrap is 17" x 23"
Baguette Wrap is 14" x 26" 
Sandwich Wrap is 13" x 13"