Artisan Drinks

Hazel & Dewey

$ 29.95

Delicious Alcoholic and Soft Drinks to Make at Home

Artisan Drinks celebrates the pleasure to be had from making your own drinks, a pursuit that encourages you to create more and more. With over 100 recipes for both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, acclaimed chef and author Lindy Wildsmith takes you from the freshly harvested ingredients to the finished product in your glass. Along the way, she rediscovers artisanal techniques and takes a wholesome approach to sourcing natural ingredients for infusing, macerating, pressing, brewing, and fermenting your own drinks. With clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, every flavor and nuance is captured. 

Favorite Recipes:  Lemon Barley Water, Ginger Beer, Clover Flower Wine, Rosehip Syrup, Italian Lime Siroppo, Strawberry Rum Cordial, Damson Gin Fizz

Chapters:  1) Sourcing and Seasonality  2) Cordials, Syrups, and Soft Drinks  3) Alcohol-Free Sparkling Drinks  4) Beer, Cider, and Perry  5) The Wine List  6) Liquers, Digestifs, and Pick-Me-Ups  7) Punches, Cups, and Party Drinks  8) Artisan Cocktails and Elegant Mocktails  9) Teas, Tisanes, and Spicy Brews

Author:  Acclaimed cook and food writer, Lindy Wildsmith, is the author of several cookbooks. She promotes the importance of fresh ingredients, the changing seasons, and using local stores and suppliers. 

Details:  10" x 7.5" / Paperback / 200 pages