Measuring Pan - 3 Cup

RSVP / Endurance

$ 20.00
3 Cup Stainless Steel Measuring Sauce Pan - RSVP / Endurance

This heavy gauge, stainless steel measuring pan ensures you'll be working with a durable tool in the kitchen. Go directly from measuring to the stove where it can double as a sauce pan. The uniformly flat bottom allows you to easily rest your cup on the counter or stovetop and achieve precise measurements. Handle is slightly angled and attached with strong rivets. 

Details:  Holds 3 cups (720 ml.)

Care:   Dishwasher safe, stove safe

Dimensions:  4.75" in diameter / 2.5" tall / 6" handle

Maker:   RSVP/Endurance is a brand known for its practical, every-day, well made kitchenware. Based out of Seattle, Washington.